Asbestos testing services in Edmonton, Alberta.

Eco-Environmental is a full service Asbestos removal company and the first step to asbestos removal is taking samples of the areas that are suspected to be contaminated. Whether the major asbestos concerns in your home or building are in the walls, the roof, the floor or anywhere else, we pay attention to every detail to make sure things are done right.

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Asbestos Testing Method: Polarized Light Microscopy

The most popular technique for testing asbestos in Edmonton or bulk building material analysis is called Polarized Light Microscopy or PLM. This technique for bulk building material analysis uses a unique quality of polarized light to observe optical properties that are mineral specific. PLM can differentiate asbestos from other fibers which better aids to classify the various types that compose the asbestos mineral family. It also allows one to record the identity of non-asbestos components of your bulk building material sample.

An economical technique for screening large numbers of samples, the PLM procedure is very economical. Due to the magnification employed and other interference present in the building material matrix, there are limitations to light microscopy. Good examples of this are tar and petroleum binding components, sub-micron particulate adhering to surface of asbestos or mineral.

Due to the limitations of Polarized Light Microscopy, many regulatory agencies or governing bodies recommend additional analysis of bulk building materials by way of Transmission Electron Microscopy or TEM.

Asbestos testing services in Edmonton, Alberta

Asbestos Testing Method: Transmission Electron Microscopy

TEM or Transmission Electron Microscopy is the most sophisticated technology currently available for properly recognizing and characterizing asbestos minerals. TEN can not only help label asbestos from non-asbestos fibers but using routine magnifications at 20,000 times or greater and using powerful chemical and mineralogical tools, it can help classify the different species of asbestos. Downfalls of using TEM include time, cost of equipment and sample preparation. It is a much more expensive and intensive way to test for asbestos in Edmonton, Alberta but it also the most thorough method.

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